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    NukAlert nuclear radiation detector / monitor (keychain attachable) alarm     $185.99    



    Compact Key Chain Attachable Radiation Monitor & Alarm Monitoring is "ON" 24/7 with long-life ten+ year battery Range encompasses the higher emergency radiation levels 10 easily recognizable 'chirping' alarm levels - Demo Here! Patent-Pending 'State of the Art' Detector Technology Verified by independent National Radiological Laboratory Each NukAlert™ individually radiation accuracy tested Instruction manual with personal nuclear survival strategies Meets FCC and European Community requirements for Electromagnetic Compatibility, emissions and susceptibility. Also, passed EMP immunity and meets MIL-STD-461D, RS105. Carried everywhere your keys go, with NukAlert's 24/7 constant monitoring, you'll always be promptly alerted to the unseen, but acutely dangerous, levels of radiation if/when present. A benefit of the NukAlert™, not to be overlooked, is that it will also confirm when and where those higher levels of radiation are not present, too. For more detailed information read the product manual here. 1 year warranty & Made in U.S.A.

    K8 NANO-NUKE   $499.11
    The smallest and most sensitive real-time radiation warning device on the market. This detector is NOT just a conversation piece like some of the key-chain detectors on the market that take 3 to 4 minutes to indicate 100mR/h presence. You will be overexposed by OSHA standards before those devices alarm. K8 is a REAL nuclear safety device used by top public safety professionals for dirty bomb and nuclear waste detection, indicating 2mR/h in under 2 seconds and alarming at 5mR/h. The K8 is similar in style to a pager (with a sturdy spring clamp that you can't shake) but much smaller - 1" x 1.5" x 0.475"; 1/2oz (25mm x 39mm x 12mm; 13g) - shipped brand new in an attractive display box with instructions. This is a great personal safety device for homeland security, law enforcement, public safety, first responders, package handlers and concerned citizens. Feel free to visit K8community.com for more technical detail. Applications * Homeland Security * First Responders * Event/Private Security * Package Handlers * Nuclear Medicine * Personal Radiation Indicator * Dirty Bomb Detector * Personal Safety * And many more... Features * CE Agency approved. * Meets NCRP Guidance & Recommendations for Management of Terrorist Events. * Capable of detecting low levels of radiation. * Detects very small amounts of radioactive materials. * Protects against unexpected exposure to radioactive sources. * Tested by using NIST traceable sources. * Meets EMC Directive Standards. Operation Slide power switch to 'I'. The unit is now actively detecting. Green Flashes The device is detecting radiation particles (5 to 10 minutes between flashes is normal)


    The professional dosimeter-radiometer TERRA is used as the armament for the Ukrainian army. Terra is a professional version of the Terra-P unit. PURPOSE OF USE: Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation ambient dose equivalent rate. Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation ambient dose equivalent. Measurement of surface beta-particles flux density. Measurement of dose equivalent accumulation time. Real time measurement (clock). SPECIFICATIONS: Measurement ranges and basic relative errors: - Gamma and X-ray radiation dose equivalent rate (137Cs) µSv/h 0,1...9 999; ±15% - Gamma and X-ray radiation dose equivalent (137Cs) mSv 0,001...9 999; ±15% - Beta-particles flux density (90Sr+90Y) 1/(?m²·min) 10...100 000; ±20% - Dose equivalent accumulation time and accuracy of measurement: 1min...100h; ±0,1s per 24h Energy ranges of measurement and energy dependence: - Gamma and X-ray radiation MeV 0,05...3,0 ±25% Beta radiation MeV 0,5...3,0; Resolution of threshold level programming for: - dose rate µSv/h 0,01 - dose mSv 0,01 - flux density 10³/cm²·min 0,01 Measurement time intervals seconds 1...70 Battery life hours 2 000 Operating temperature range °? -20...+50 Weight kg 0,15 Dimensions mm 120×52×26 DELIVERY KIT: MKS-05 "TERRA" dosimeter-radiometer; operating manual; cardboard leather case. MADE IN UKRAINE

    Digital Geiger Counter with Wand & PC (serial) Output   $449.95


    アルファ線 3.0 MeV以上、ベータ線 50 KeV以上、ガンマ線 7 KeV以上を検知。
    Images SI Inc's Digital Geiger Counters are useful for detecting and measuring radioactivity. The model GCA-04W uses an external wand that houses the geiger mueller tube. It's applications are: Education - Classroom demonstrations and experiments. Emergency Services and Domestic Preparedness; HAZMAT and Compliance Verification. Dirty Bomb Screening and EMT's. It detects the following types of radiation: Alpha above 3.0 MeV Beta above 50 KeV Gamma above 7 KeV. The Geiger Mueller (GM) Tube detector is Ne + Halogen filled. The GM tube's end window is made of Mica, with a.38 effective diameter and a density of 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2. The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is 16 character by 2 line that provides an easy to read output. Switch selection allows Geiger Counter to measure and convert radiation (counts per second) into in mR/hr or mSv/hr. Factory calibration insures accurate measurement. Secondary indicators; audio (clicks) and visual (LED) included. Also includes a headphone jack and a power jack for external power. The GCA-04W outputs serially the counts per second to our Windows PC program for charting and recording the measured radiation over time. Serial cable RS-232 adapter is an available accessory.



    TERRA-P is an excellent quality easy-to-use miniaturized dosimeter-radiometer for domestic applications. It can measure gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose rate and equivalent dose as well as to check a surface for beta-particles flux density. The household model with built-in clock and alarm clock is light, compact, easy-to-use, with ergonomic design, and is intended to control gamma and beta radiation types. It helps to locate and therefore to avoid the "harmful presence" of radiation. PURPOSE OF USE: Measurement of gamma radiation equivalent dose rate. Measurement of gamma radiation equivalent dose. Evaluation of surface contamination by beta radionuclides. Clock, alarm clock. HOUSEHOLD APPLICATION: Apartment, building and construction control; personal radiation safety; ground-surface continuous territories control; and vehicles control. Evaluation of radiation contamination of farm products. Visual aids for educational institutions. SPECIFICATIONS: Detector Geiger-Muller counter Measurement ranges and basic relative errors: - gamma radiation equivalent dose rate 0.1 ... 999.9; ±25% µSv/h - gamma radiation equivalent dose 0.001 ... 9999; ±25% mSv - beta-particles flux density with possible evaluation of surface contamination by beta radionuclides (90 Sr + 90 Y): 10 ... 100 000 1/(cm 2 ·min) Energy ranges of measurement and energy dependence: - gamma and X-ray radiation 0.05 ... 3.0; ±25% MeV - beta radiation 0.5 ... 3.0 MeV Measurement time intervals 5 ...70 seconds Battery life 6 000 hours Operating temperature range -10 ... +50 °? Power supply 2 batteries of ??? type (included) Weight 0.15 kg Dimensions 120 ? 52 ? 26 mm DELIVERY KIT: - MKS-05 "TERRA-P" dosimeter-radiometer - two AAA size batteries - "Quick start" guidance in English - operating manual - cardboard box - leather case (used to carry the device on a waist-belt or wristlet) MADE IN UKRAINE  


    In Stock Gov't Grade Geiger Counter  $789.99


    These durable professional grade Geiger counters are IN STOCK and available for immediate shipment. No waiting. No backorder. No B.S., buy today, we ship via priority mail IMMEDIATELY. We also include a supply of BRAND NEW Duracell batteries to get you started. Everything you need is in the box. All geiger counters have been sold out across the country. There are none to be had anywhere at any price. Everyone is on backorder. We have been fortunate to secure a small supply and we have them on hand right now for immediate shipping. When these sell out, thats going to be it.


    Osun Technologies EA0010 E-Alert EMF Radiation Detector  $39.95


    Do you know you are exposed to more and more Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation that may cause harm to your health and well-being? This Radiation Finder will detect EMF strength of all electrical appliances in your environment, and the manual tells you how to protect you from this danger. The E-alert is powered by two 3 volt button batteries (CR2025), included.

    Osun Technologies EH0010 EMF Hunter EMF Radiation Detector  $74.95

    41Y2c2B1dlmL.jpg 31vCBgFrdHL.jpg

    The Osun Technologies EH0010 EMF Hunter EMF Radiation Detector is the first one on the market that adds temperature testing to the radiation strength (selected model only). It is easy to use, and does not require a technical background. It has 3 separate sensors (HF, LF, and Temperature) that are user selectable to provide a really cool readout on three Sci-Fi styled LED bars! Utilizing state-of-art technology, you can walk around your house and actually "SEE" these fields around you! You will be amazed at what you find. Perfect to use in the light or in the dark! The EMF Hunter can be used to detect both low and high frequency EMF produced by appliances such as cell phones, microwave ovens, power lines, TVs, computers, electrical fans, AC alarm clocks, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, and washers and dryers. The list is extensive. It can also be used to research paranormal phenomena.

    General Tools EMF1390 Electromagnetic Field Radiation Level Tester  $99.99 


    デジタル表示。 超常現象のテストに最適らしい・・・
    The Digital electromagnetic field radiation tester is ideal for use around power lines, machinery, industrial devices and to test for paranormal activity.
    Ideal for use around Powerlines, Appliances, and to test for Paranormal activity. Quickly & reliably measures electromagnetic field radiation levels. Easy to use. Compact & lightweight. Large LCD display. Includes: Soft case, Battery. Range: 0.1 to 199.9 mG. Band width: 30 Hz to 300 Hz. Resolution: 0.1 mG. Accuracy: +/-4% + 3 digits. Power source: 1 ""9-volt"" battery.

    E.L.F. Zone Gaussmeter   $12.95


    簡単。格安。超常現象のお仕事では超ポピュラーらしい。 ゴーストハンターになりたい方に。
    Identifies Proper Distance From Radiation Source What this meter lacks in resolution it makes up with ease of use and very low cost. Will measure ELF/ VLF magnetic fields in the frequency range of 20- 10,000 Hz, with a minimum sensitivity of 0.25 mG. Laboratory tested and documented for accuracy. Three LED lights signal field strength: 0- 2.5 mG ("safe")2.5- 7 mG ("caution")8 or more mG ("danger") Single axis sensor, on/off toggle switch. Useful for preliminary surveys of home, car, or office. One fresh 9V battery required. Very popular for paranormal work too!
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